Monday, April 14, 2014


So probably no one is reading this *cricket, cricket* (no one is even here!)
But I just want to say that I'm really sorry for not posting for so long.
But since Spring Break and Summer is coming pretty soon, you will see more posts... if there even is anyone reading this...
Anyways, I just wanted to tell a quick little entertaining story about what had happened at my youngest owner's Nature's Classroom trip!

Since she's a girl, of course she has to stay with the girl's cabin. 
But, this girl's cabin could literally entertain people with a reality show.
A girl insulted another girl, causing girl one (the girl insulted) to cry a lot. And girl two (the girl who insulted) also cried, but still really mad at her.
How did this happen you may wonder?
Well, Girl 1 always hung out with the popular girls, and the popular girls were quite mean to Girl 2. 
So, Girl 2, who was a friend of Girl 1, got angry at Girl 1 for hanging out with people who were mean to Girl 2. 
For revenge, Girl 2 ended up insulting Girl 2. 
They both cried, drama, etc. 
But I don't know if they are still together and friends, probably, but I don't see them hang out so much at lunch.

Since that was a few days ago, and Nature's Classroom was a few days ago too, I learned from my youngest owner some cool things.

An average family uses at least 2,400 gallons of fresh (drinkable, clean) water a day.
Now, you may be thinking: "Oh well, the whole world has fresh water, so doesn't matter."
But actually, it's not. 97% of this world is salt water. But salt water will only make us more thirsty.
Picture a whole cup of water, like a WHOLE TALL GLASS OF WATER.
Now, drink the glass, until you only have a tiny amount of water left, like near a drop of water.
That is the amount of water we have.
So don't waste it!
Take shorter showers, go for rain water sometimes, don't waste water, don't keep the faucet on while brushing your teeth, basically don't waste the water, there is only a small amount of good clean drinkable water left in this world, to keep more, don't waste the water. 

I gtg, so