Monday, May 26, 2014

Apologies (again)

So sorry for not posting for SO LONG.
But anyways, it's almost summer!
So it will mean that I will be posting more, so don't worry.
Plus, my editor, aka my youngest owner is going to graduate from elementary school in a few weeks, yay!
There is also a placement test, and she is studying like crazy just to pass the test, especially since it's coming in only a few days.
So if you are wondering you have not missed anything at all.
There were a few figure skating competitions, but nothing serious, it's all fine. 

Back to the summer, but yes, summer is coming and it's graduation season.
My youngest owner is super nervous, especially since she will literally know no one out of her school that will go to the middle school.
It's pretty scary, but hey their humans.
When dogs see dogs it's just like: "You're a dog, and so am I. Let's be friends."
Meanwhile for humans it's just like: "I don't know you and you don't know me, i don't know what to do!"
So glad I'm a dog...
Anyways I am happy that summer is coming, I will be posting more, and so long!
Hope you guys are still viewing my blog, love you!
Barking off!