Saturday, April 20, 2013

Are Dogs Smart? My Youngest Owner's Answer

So just from reading the title, you can easily tell what this post is going to be about.
The answer to the question was very tricky as well, it took a while to think about it too..

Finally, my owner got the answer, and it was half yes and half no.

'Yes' because dogs know how to enjoy life even when going through tough times, 
we can quickly learn new tricks and us dogs are eager for attention.
We try to bear the feeling of no attention as well, even at times when we want it.
When someone breathes really bad breathe in our faces, we still accept their kindness.

'No' since we're not really great in academics unless we are trained. 
My youngest owner thinks this since she has high scores in academics.

There is not that much to why we aren't smart though we are smart at the same time.

Dogs are lovers, forgivers, and huggers. We love our owners no matter what and always protect and comfort them even at the roughest time of life. Dogs love to socialize, play, have fun, and be happy to help others. Though we are all different, no matter what we will not stop our generations and generations of loving, caring, bringing joy, and having fun in life.

Barking off!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Funny Video and MORE!


So today, I first want to show you a video called "Guilty Dog".

It's a hilarious video of a lab (that looks like me) that actually smiles when it's owner asks if Denver (the lab) ate the kitty-cat treats!

Lets start this post wit a good look at "GUILTY DOG"

Now that you have watched it, I randomly want to show you a picture of me wearing headphones and glasses!

As you can see it was from facebook, and yes, is there anything bad about a Golden Retriever reading The Yearling?

By the way a quick apology of not posting fro 2 weeks, it's just that I've been really busy with all my training since I've been getting a bit hyper lately (But not barking)

And lately, I've made 2 new friends from the park, another two GOLDEN RETRIEVERS! But... I sort of forgot their names, I remember one of their names is Bradley...

Here's some pictures of how they might look like:


Just like me, they act like little boys, following people who have treats and are very well trained.

I hope you guys liked it, and thanks!

Barking off!