Thursday, January 24, 2013


First of all, I apologize for not posting fro so long. My youngest owner just has a lot of figure skating practice and homework. Anyways, this week is was really really cold for my owners, at least 16-18 degrees. 
Luckily my average temperature is 101 degrees and I have at least 2 thick layers of fur. 
So yeah, I don't play with so many dogs these days because of the cold weather.
Here are the dog friends that I normally play with, but didn't today:

Cocoa the Golden retriever and Border Collie mix:

It looks more like a Border Collie

Steve, my best friend the Golden Doodle

Or the quirky American Eskimo named Lucky:

I've been loosing a lot of fun due to the cold weather. Yet my youngest owner says that during the summer this year, there wold be a lot more dogs to play with!

Barking off!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Follower! And my Reunion/ My Day

Today, I got another new member! Lets welcome:


My Photo

Thanks so much for following my blog! I learned about you from Tiggerkat's Ode to Reese Cups! ^^
A quick thank you to mimi first and now onto my reunion with Steve the Golden Doodle!

I had just figured out yesterday that Steve wouldn't be in New York with his owner for 2 months, but in fact stayed there for at least 1 month instead. So on one of my posts to say Merry Christmas, I showed a picture of a golden doodle that looks like him, and you may have learned about him a bit ^^. 

I'm glad my best buddy is back. But since he wasn't here today, I had to play with 4 other kind American Golden Retrievers (I'm a European Golden Retriever). The American Golden Retrievers I played with looked similar to this:

(Woops, getting off track) I won't tell any names, but I remember one of the owners was stout and plump yet very kind. The other.... I think she was more of a slim woman. I played with them and chased them a lot. It was very entertaining, came back home, I took my daily nap while my youngest owner was at school

Wonder what's going to happen tomorrow...

Barking off!

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Follower + The New Year

I just want to say thank you to Edith for following my blog!
Welcome to my blog! Sorry that I can't take a picture, I think I chewed on the mouse clicker and broke it... 
So basically, I just want to say thank you!

First of all, I hope everyone had a great new year, my owners kept on hugging me and thanking god for   giving me to them, it was funny if you ask me. 
My youngest owner soon started to dance around the house and laugh with joy. She even danced Gangnam Style...

So far, 2013 is turning out pretty good and sad at the same time. FIrst of all, I'm still mastering all the obedience skills my owner is training me, I'm getting bigger and more muscular so far, and that's about it. The bad news is that I have to wait until March to see my old friend Steve the golden doodle again, and the friendly old woman who always stops to pat and talk to me is going to Florida to help her sister pack up and move to my state.

My youngest owner also has to do an assignment on Abigail Adams and on the American Revolution. (pretty boring right? if it were dogs... wow)
So I won't be posting for often. Anyways, time to go!

Barking off!

(P.S THis is the only picture so far)