Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Training/New Year Resolutions

Since I'm trained to be a Therapy dog, my youngest owner has been training me to sit, stay, down and come. I already know how to sit and go down, the stay, I'm still learning and mastering it already. 
And my youngest owner's parent wanted to take a picture of me with my head tilted up, so here's the picture, it was took at Christmas :D:

I was coaxed by a pice of string cheese. Yes, dogs can eat cheese but not the other dairy products.

I look different in this picture... I look younger!(I'm 13 months old though). 

I'm going off topic, so back to the Therapy dog trainings. 
As I said, I'm currently mastering the sit and stay/down and stay. Pretty soon, I'm going to learn how to (What my youngest owner calls) 'Paw' five and 'Paw' Shake. 
Really it means that I'm going to high-five and shake paws with my owner. :D
A few more things I will have to be trained to do is also:

• Roll-over

•Retrieve (I'm a Golden Retriever, this must be easy!)

•Bark twice at no

•Bark once at yes

•Watch TV (I do sometimes, but not all the time)

•Not jumping on the bed (Nice choice)

•Not to pull on the leash

•To heel and stay by owner's side


I think that's it. :)

So it's at least 1-2 more days until it's 2013! I'm very excited, plus it's going to be the year when I'm turning 2, in dog years it would mean I'm almost a young adult! :D
I have a lot of things I'm looking forward too, and I want to meet my breeder sometime during the summer. 
I have at least a few New Year Resolutions....

• Try not to sleep too much (Im just lazy)

•Not to bark at the neighbor's dog when they bully me

•Get more quiet and calmer

•Start the Therapy Dog reputation!

My resolutions are going to be pretty hard for me...
I would just like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
And... wow... my longest post...
As I always say:

Barking off!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Whew, so many Followers!/ My Facebook Page

Well for the 2nd/3rd time today we have a new member:

Lets welcome Jane Sorgetz!

Creative profile ;D
So I learned that your from Brazil, luckily I have a translation button for the people from a different country!

Wow, I got a lot of followers today!
By the way, my youngest owner made a Facebook page for me if you want to visit, copy and paste this link:
She chose Peter then 'Golden' because I'm a Golden Retriever. 
I hope you can comment on my Facebook page and like some of the pictures my owners took of me!
Have a great night and a happy New Year!! :D

Barking off!

Another 2 Followers

THis blog now has 2 more new members, what an awesome surprise!

Let's welcome my Tigger friend, Tiggerkat!

I've known Tiggerkat for a very long time, and her blog is especially very humorous!
(By the way, if wanting to give her a gift, give her a Reese Cups, she loves them)

And the next new member Requel Crusoe.

I learned that your from Brazil since I saw your language written down.  So on the "Click and Choose" pick out your language and you can understand.

I just want to say thanks for following, enjoy!

Barking off! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2 More New Followers!


Surprisingly, I got 2 more new followers! I will make sure to follow their blogs too.
Let's welcome Stas Buttler

(Nice profile pic.)


(Another nice profile pid)
Since you speak Portuguese, than let me just say, obrigado :).

So this will be another short post welcoming the new members, and something to say to the Portuguese member in their language:

Eu vou ter certeza de adicionar o botão traduzir

Ok? Eu espero que ele ajude.

Barking off!

New Follower

I hope everyone had a great Christmas yesterday.
And I have just received another present, and it's on my blog.
A new member!


Thank you for following, nice profile pic too. 
I remember I saw you on Encourage One Another's blog. 

So right now, my youngest owner who is also the author of this blog is training me to be a therapy dog. 
Yep, I'm actually pretty calm for a dog. I never bark either. Normally I bark when I'm impatient, which rarely happens. 
My type of breed is also known to be a therapy type too...
Anyways, I hope you guys have a great NEW YEAR! :D

Barking off!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The New Friend/ Merry Christmas!

Sorry that I hadn't posted for so long. 
I had just figured out that I had made a new friend at the park.
It all started on the last Thursday of November, I had met a Goldendoodle named Steve. 

He was big and shaggy and very curly. He barked at me while I just panted and smiled in happiness.
Right now he's in New York with his owner, so now I play with other dogs I know.

By the way, today is one of my most favorite holidays, CHRISTMAS!!!
My owner got me a squeaky elephant toy.
Hehe, it was very addicting, and I normally keep it as my sleep toy whenever I take my daily naps.

So just a picture of me to say Merry Christmas!!


Enjoy the New Year and have a Merry Christmas!

Barking off! :-)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Long Time, no post

Well, I would like to welcome the next new 3 members: Jammie263, Encourage One Another, and Allie.
Thanks guys!
So I apologize for not posting for a very long time, in fact I haven't posted for at least a week. 
It's just that my owner has to do a lot of homework and has a lot of outdoor school activities.
So this is just going to be a short apology post. (P.S tomorrow will be 12/12/12!)
Barking off!

Monday, December 3, 2012

New Member! And my History

Surprisingly, there's a new member on this blog! Say hello to

Nice profile pick, ;D. By the way, I followed your blog, it's great! And it's so amazing about how many members you have on ya blog! :D

So anyways, I just want to tell you about my history. I'm a European cream-colored Golden Retriever who was born from a father from Scotland named Stuart and a mother for Denmark named Emma. I apologize that I can't get a photo, it just won't let me, but I will describe how they look like.
Emma and Stuart both have a light, creamy golden color fur with dark caramel color ears. 
My Aunt, Tess, had given birth to a celebrity Golden Retriever named Scout. 


This was her when she was very young, now she's at least 3 years old! Anyways, she's a celebrity because her owner wrote a book my youngest master loves, The Puppy Diaries plus this author, Jill Abramson, is the executive editor of the New York Times, or was it the Times magazines?...  So yup, that is my only celebrity kin I have. My great grandma Sophie had died of a stroke and the old age of 14 (in my years, it would be at least 98 years old). My Aunt Tess, the mother of Scout, had died of eating a sock that couldn't get pulled out. 
So yup, that's my history! Thanks covnitkepr1 for following my blog!

Barking off!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Follower! :D And Christmas

Well, my blog already has a member! Say hello to....

stvplyr! Thanks so much for following my blog!
Btw, nice profile pic, would be fit for a place like me.

So anyways, it's already snowing at my owner's town, even though it's not even winter yet.

If I were that dog, I would look a lot like that, hyper and crazy. In fact, I was very hyper in the snow at the park today, I kept on eating the snow off the ground and jumping up and down and nearly pouncing onto my owner!
Soon, I got to play with this Golden-Doodle, a mix of a Golden Retriever (my Breed) and a poodle. We were chasing after these tennis balls, the doodle kept on beating me though. But I didn't mind, I had fun at least. 
And on this game my youngest owner plays, Chicken Smoothie (, her friend (or at least I think) had made a banner of just for me and her. 
By accident her friend had wrote a Labrador Retriever instead of Golden Retriever, anyways, here's a look!


Hehe, that dog looks a lot like me. By the way, doesn't a Golden Retriever like me have long hair unlike the Lab Retriever? Must have been a mistake, but at least it looks a lot like me!

Have a great day!

Barking off!