Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Peter's Birthday

Well today is my birthday! I'm celebrating my first birthday with my owner too!
They already gave me a birthday present, a blue squeaky bone with small ropes attached to it. It's a bit like a stuffed toy. It was a but like this(but try to picture it with ropes on the end of each side):

It was fully blue though and on it, it said: 'I'm kind of a big deal.'
It's pretty funny, it mean's I'm kind of a big shot.
And for a treat, they bought me two dog bones filled with some kind of chicken treat.
So far, I had a great time, playing with toys, eating favorite food, and lots more.
This is a good start to my very first birthday :)

Barking off!

(this is me)

Monday, November 12, 2012

The American Eskimo

Today at the park, I saw an American Eskimo!

It's known to be circus dogs, and unlike my type of breed, they're not born to be a retriever.

Whenever the owner threw the ball from his Chuckit! stick, I also ran along with the American Eskimo.
It was so fun.......................

So anyways, this is a very short post since there isn't much new in my dog-life.

Barking off!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

What are an unusual day

Today was a fairly unusual day, for the most of the day I was in the car and sleeping until my owner came

Yes, I was very bored. But at the pet store today, I got a tennis ball scooper. My older owner wouldn't let XxSilverMockingJayxX use in the house.

Don't worry, this is how a tennis ball scooper. So yeah, that was my day! Staying in the car, sleeping, and getting very very bored. Anyways
Barking off! :))))))))) 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day in the snow!

Today, my youngest owner had to go to school, but I didn't mind! I had a great time!
Plus, it was snowing! :D :D :D

On normal sunny or rainy days, I would often catch the ball and bring it back to my owner. 
But the snow was SO fun! I was practically running in the snow the whole time

I didn't want to stop, then my and my oldest owner walked another round in the snow and finally, we left. I won't forget this AWESOME day! My youngest owner people call XxSilverMockingJayxX, says that in late November or in early December, it will snow like crazy! And will get super thick! I can't wait!!!! Anyways
Barking off!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Well, at my owner's part of the U.S, it's snowing! And so far it's really fun!

Even though there was barely any snow pouring from the sky, it was still fun!
My owner walked me around to take me to the bathroom while it was snowing too!
The snow tasted very cold, but quenched my tight thirst when a snowflake landed on me.
Sadly, there was barely any snow, so there was no way I could play. But then I heard some good news from my younger owner, known as XxSilverMockingJayxX, that after at least 19 hr. of snow pouring out of the sky, there will be a chance that the snow will be thick as 6-12 inches! 

Barking off!

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Day Off Tomorrow!

Today I learned that my owner is going to stay in from school tomorrow because of Election Day!
I'm so happy! Then when me an my owner and dad go to the park tomorrow, she will come along!

And then we will see a lot of the same old friends as we walk a long, but then my owner and my friend has to go to Kumon and leave me behind though:(
So yeah, that's all I want to say about what will happen tomorrow with my owner!
Bye bye!:)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

At the Nail Clippers

Today I went to the the pet store to get my nails cut. I was scared that they might cut into my quick. 

Once I entered the pet shop, I saw a chubby black pug, staring at me.
I barked 'Hello' to it as my leader walked me off.
Once I entered, I saw a big fluffy curly dog getting blow-dryed, and a beagle barking and panting at the same time. 
While the man cut my nails I calmly, and patiently, waited for it to end. After about 3-5 minutes, it was done. While going to the register to let my master's mother pay, I saw a 2-year old American Golden Retriever,  with a round thing snout (like all American Golden Retrievers) and brownish-golden color fur. 
Then I saw the black pug again.

 I barked again at it, but it just stared at me blankly. Then my owner just smiled at the pug 
and petted it. 
So anyways that was my day!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

In The Bath (The Disaster)

Today was the first day Peter took a bath, it was pretty bad, he tried escaping out of the bath and even walked out really wet, we had to coax him back using some treats.
We didn't add the conditioner since he was too impatient and wanted to get out really quickly.
Even though this isn't him he practically looked like this:

But Peter is much huger than this. Super wet. Then we used a towel to dry him up.
After driving him, we had to blow dry him he didn't like it at all either so we (AGAIN) had to coax him with the treats again. After that we brushed him, which was a bit calmer, right now he still smells. 
And he smells really bad. Now I learned 2 things Peter dislikes:
The Bath Tub

and the dog cage:

Yeah, he hates the cage. When we put him in the crate he whined, now he sleeps on my blanket since the other dog beds easily broke. By the way this isn't Peter, but this dog looks A LOT like him.
But Peter has darker color... 
Now Peter is resting on the floor, not aware of the sound around him. So he is... sleeping.
Signing off now!

Friday, November 2, 2012

What did I do today?..

Today Peter spent a lot of time in the car.
Because of the Mock Presidential Debate and my skating practice.
They both don't allow dogs in there, and I think he got pretty impatient, even when he is a very very calm dog. 
So yeah, he slept a lot in the car too.. since he was very very bored.
I took him for a walk, so I took 2 hours (or 1 hour) off school since I then had a doctor appointment.
The doctor says that I'm really healthy.
So yeah that's Peter's day! :)

Signing off now!