Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Follower!

Sorry for not posting for so long guys, but the good news is that I got a new member! 
Lets welcome Parveen Shiekh!

Thanks a lot for following my blog!!! :D

Back on topic...

So the reason why I didn't post for so long is because my youngest owner had to do a report on 
Abigail Adams and her life

and another report on the American Revolution and where it took place and the history of it.

It took a pretty long time, but my owner didn't have to sweat it, the kid always gets a good grade on some of her essays

You might be suspecting that my youngest owner posts all of this, but really, she's the editor of all of my posts. 
And I don't talk, I'm a dog :P XD

So there is this popular Disney Channel show called Dog with a Blog:

In case some of you don't know, it's about a dog named Stan who owns a blog, 
and he is a dog that can talk.

The reason why I showed that part was because, it reminds a lot about me, since I'm a dog that owns a blog :P

I have to go now!

Barking off!

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Day with an old FRIEND

So today there was the HUGE blizzard called "Nemo" that struck our town, it was going to be at least 12-24 inches of snow. 
Anyways, today when my owner was going to take me for a walk in the neighborhood, my youngest owner walked outside to sled down the small hill in our 'side' yard. 
Once she walked out, I had saw my old friend named Fletchy (he's my next-door doggy neighbor). :

As we two played together and tussled over one another, my youngest owner was enjoying the sled downhill. So far, it was really fun. 

Plus, an apology for not posting so often. 
And my youngest owner's father got a lottery ticket to get over millions of dollars. My youngest owner is thinking of giving me a companian, should it be another Golden Retriever?

An Australian Shepard

St. Bernese Mountain Dog

or a Portuguese Water Dog

As you can see, my owners love calm, large dogs.
The dog can be a poodle, German shepard, or even a mastiff! (That's to all of the rude commenters  from my blog: THE ARCHITECTURE INSPIRATION OF PI)

Bye for now!

Barking off!