Saturday, November 3, 2012

In The Bath (The Disaster)

Today was the first day Peter took a bath, it was pretty bad, he tried escaping out of the bath and even walked out really wet, we had to coax him back using some treats.
We didn't add the conditioner since he was too impatient and wanted to get out really quickly.
Even though this isn't him he practically looked like this:

But Peter is much huger than this. Super wet. Then we used a towel to dry him up.
After driving him, we had to blow dry him he didn't like it at all either so we (AGAIN) had to coax him with the treats again. After that we brushed him, which was a bit calmer, right now he still smells. 
And he smells really bad. Now I learned 2 things Peter dislikes:
The Bath Tub

and the dog cage:

Yeah, he hates the cage. When we put him in the crate he whined, now he sleeps on my blanket since the other dog beds easily broke. By the way this isn't Peter, but this dog looks A LOT like him.
But Peter has darker color... 
Now Peter is resting on the floor, not aware of the sound around him. So he is... sleeping.
Signing off now!

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