Saturday, March 9, 2013



So yesterday, there was a big snowstorm hitting the northeast, the places where I live. 
So when the snow stopped, my youngest owner decided to go sledding.
While my youngest owner was sledding away, I was playing with American Eskimo named Tye.

When we were playing, we pretended to bite and scare each other!

Here's a pic!:

Yup, I'm lying down beside him, he's pretending to bite me.

Me and him are A LOT alike!

First of all, our fur is the color of either biscuit or cream (but mine is a little bit darker)

We're both 15-16 months, both born in November (Tye was born on November 6th, 2011, I was born November 21st, 2011) . We're both males too!

This dog sorta reminds me of Lukey, the quirky yet loud dog. Only the dog in this picture, Tye, is more calm and has more of a wider muzzle.  

We both had a lot of fun! 

By the way, one of the New Year Resolution plans are done, retrieving!
I knew it would be so easy, I'm a Golden Retriever anyways! 

That's it for now, as I always say!

Barking off!

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