Friday, July 26, 2013

New Member! And Acadia Park


Well, my owners have just came back from Acadia Park!
And I came back to my blog to find a new member that has joined this blog.
Welcome Funplay1!

So yeah...

About Acadia. 

It was really fun, I didn't go since I went to some kind of Doggy Hotel in my home state.
I heard that my owners went to Cadillac Mountain and took a few pictures of the sunset.
Did you know that it is SO pretty that even people from Maine come to see it!?

Thats the picture of a sunset. Pretty cool right?

This isn't a picture of the sunset, but the view of the Atlantic Ocean is really nice!

My youngest owner said that down in Bar Harbor, there were too many Lobster Shacks (but my owners love to eat Lobster), which basically was the only problem, too many shacks.

And here is a video about a dog named Mishka apparently 'talking' to it's owners by saying "I love you."
My youngest owner was laughing while I just sat their staring at it, like, how can a dog get into such a small thing? 
I'm a dog, and I do not know your human stuff.
Lol, extra credit to Jenna Marbles's dog Kermit for saying that! lol

Barking off! :D


  1. wow! the atlantic ocean is so small! XD

  2. AWWW cute doggy!!! C: Also, that sunset is beautiful! My sister would go crazy if she took a picture like that!! XD