Thursday, May 16, 2013

Memory of Barely the Golden REtriever


Very sad news today, a few weeks ago one of my best friends had died of cancer.
I was deeply said to lose such a good friend and playmate, I will take memory of him on this post.

Barely was a handsome dog, he was kind, fun, and full of energy. He would always jump with joy whenever he saw me.
He had the heart of an angel and a little boy. I remember playing with him in the woods, running through the trees, onto rocks, then to our owners until we were tired. His little brother, Stanley, is a mini version of him, and we both miss him dearly.

But right now Barely is in a new world, in heaven, where he won't suffer anymore pain

I hope we all pray for happiness within him!

I will remember his playfulness and kindness!

Barking off!


  1. So sorry I haven't been on for a while. :c

    Anyways, that is so sad! I pray that Barely will have a great life in heaven. <3

    P.S. Are you still mad at me? I feel like you're trying to ignore me ... ;c if you are then could I ask why? No? Okay..

    Well, anyways I'm sorry for whatever I did if you are mad.