Sunday, June 2, 2013


So sorry for not posting fro so long!

But I have really great news! 

First of all, my youngest owner does figure skating, and she does figure (solo) and synchronized skating.
So a few weeks ago, the team had won second place, and at another competition, they won 1st place, and their picture was on the local newspaper! 
The picture of the team got on the local newspaper since one of the teammates has a dad who is something like a photographer or writer for the local newspaper.

The second news is the best news, and this 'news' is that it's almost SUMMER!!!
I'm so excited for the new season, I can finally go and swim as much as I want, and best of all, have more time with my youngest owner!
She's still pretty sad about leaving school, especially when this teacher was really nice.

That's all the good news, and I think I will just tell you about today..

today was pretty normal as always, I walked off leash at the forest, swam in the lake, and stayed home alone for at least 2 hours, chewing my marrowbone.

And this is me now:

Lying down and bored...


Barking off!!

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