Saturday, January 4, 2014

Addicted to Starbucks?

So my owner has a little problem with Starbucks.

On her New Year's Resolution, it said that she would try some Starbucks, especially since she never tried any before.

But it ends up, to her, that it tastes REALLY GOOD.

I don't get how humans like chocolate, it makes dogs like me die!

Today she just got something called a Mocha Frappucino. 
Why are there always some fancy name for some kind of coffee?

Why won't they just call it creamy, icy, mocha - tasting, with whipped cream coffee?


Back to Starbucks…
On New Year's Day, she went there to try some, she tried a mocha latte.

TO her, it tasted insanely good.
Then she kept talking about it for days.
Then today she got the Mocha Frappe (as I said above)

I'm guessing she really likes mocha…

Later today, she even told me that she's planning on trying the Caramel Frappe.

Any ideas of how to keep her from Starbucks, or just keep her like that?


Barking off!

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