Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolution


It's 2014 now, amazing how 2013 came by so quickly!

My New Year's resolution… well … isn't that much.

But my youngest owner's list is quite long. You may have already seen it like.. 2 days ago. But on New Year's Eve, created what she thinks what she would do, that doesn't have to do with me and her blogging.

• Try Starbuck's

• Redecorate room

• Grow hair longer

• Try brewed chocolate coffee

• Don't go on the internet so much

• Drink some tea, hot chocolate, or (don't drink too much) coffee instead of cold beverages

• Try to be a better person at convincing

• Stop being so self-conscious

• Stop being a social outcast

• Join 4 competitions ( 3 will be solo, 4 will be synchro )

• Create more short films

• Read more books than I usually do

• Walk the dog every single day, not Saturdays since very busy on those days

• Lead something

• Join Glee club

• Join the book club when I go to Junior High

That's her New Year's Resolution

By the way, her and her dad are going to Starbuck's right now.

Sadly, they don't have a Reese Cup Frapp
 So she decided to choose between Mocha or the Caramel Frapp, which one is better?

Comment down below to choose which one.


Barking off!

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