Thursday, January 24, 2013


First of all, I apologize for not posting fro so long. My youngest owner just has a lot of figure skating practice and homework. Anyways, this week is was really really cold for my owners, at least 16-18 degrees. 
Luckily my average temperature is 101 degrees and I have at least 2 thick layers of fur. 
So yeah, I don't play with so many dogs these days because of the cold weather.
Here are the dog friends that I normally play with, but didn't today:

Cocoa the Golden retriever and Border Collie mix:

It looks more like a Border Collie

Steve, my best friend the Golden Doodle

Or the quirky American Eskimo named Lucky:

I've been loosing a lot of fun due to the cold weather. Yet my youngest owner says that during the summer this year, there wold be a lot more dogs to play with!

Barking off!

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