Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Follower! And my Reunion/ My Day

Today, I got another new member! Lets welcome:


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Thanks so much for following my blog! I learned about you from Tiggerkat's Ode to Reese Cups! ^^
A quick thank you to mimi first and now onto my reunion with Steve the Golden Doodle!

I had just figured out yesterday that Steve wouldn't be in New York with his owner for 2 months, but in fact stayed there for at least 1 month instead. So on one of my posts to say Merry Christmas, I showed a picture of a golden doodle that looks like him, and you may have learned about him a bit ^^. 

I'm glad my best buddy is back. But since he wasn't here today, I had to play with 4 other kind American Golden Retrievers (I'm a European Golden Retriever). The American Golden Retrievers I played with looked similar to this:

(Woops, getting off track) I won't tell any names, but I remember one of the owners was stout and plump yet very kind. The other.... I think she was more of a slim woman. I played with them and chased them a lot. It was very entertaining, came back home, I took my daily nap while my youngest owner was at school

Wonder what's going to happen tomorrow...

Barking off!

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  1. Yay!!! I love you,you're so cute!!! :D I loves doggies!!And kitties too!!!!!!