Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why are popular girls so popular?

So this is a post from the editor of the blog, not my dog Peter.
I'm in sixth grade now, which means (in my place) I'm going to Middle School next year.
I've been doing well lately, but what I really want to know is why popular girls are so popular?
I mean, they're nice and stuff and they always ask me for help on their homework.
I'm just a bit intimidated by them.

They dated boys (not that I care) 
They wear makeup like EVERYDAY
They fangirl about random actors, like: 
"Omigod Logan Lerman!" or "Omigod Josh Hutcherson!" or whatever.
Those are the things I am not annoyed with.

The things I'm annoyed with them is: 
How much they are known in school
I think they gossip about me behind my back
Tried to hurt my friends

Yeah... that is pretty much it.
I've tried asking this on Yahoo, but the only answer made no sense at all and didn't help either.
 LIke whenever someone says my name they are either like: "Who the heck is she?" or "She is such a nerd." I don't mind being a nerd or a group of my own.

I hope this is not an offense to anyone, and I hope you can help me!

Signing off!

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  1. Well, popular girls are sometimes popular because of the power they establish. They are usually ruthless, and you really don't need to be "pretty", or "rich" to be popular, more of how intimidating you are. Popular girls are respected at the early grades because they're pretty. But as they get older, I would guess they need to be judged by how they keep people in line. If someone else comes up and takes their place, they're nobody.

    Personally I'm not popular, but ways to make popular people like you:

    Kill 'em with kindness

    Show your skills near them "pretend it's not intentional" and try to get their attention. They like talented people.

    Try to gather some of their back up friends as your own friends. The more closer you get to their friends the more they're forced to like you.

    And most of all, just understand that everything that you do, and everything that happens in all your school year will never matter in the future, it's only what you learned and how you used your friendships to keep your own in the future :)