Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why I Can't Blog very often

THis is another post from the editor of Peter's blog, and if you are getting tired of me and hating me, this is the last post I'm gonna post before Peter comes.

So the reason why I can't edit Peter's blog is because I've been really busy with homework :/
Yeah, sounds like an excuse but no.
I have projects all the time,  a lot of math, english, and I even need to write an essay on How agriculture changed people (like the Neolithic Era), and another one on a scientific question I have on energy. 
The skating is really big for me as well.

Next year, I'm going to the ISI Worlds, and people from Asia and all over North America are going to compete. 
I have synch skating competition in December. 
I have to practice at least 4 days a week, yeah, try dealing with a ton of homework and skating and trying to blog at the same time, not very easy. 

So yeah... I hope you understand, I will try my best to fit in as much time as I can to help Peter edit his blog.

Thanks for understanding! :)

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