Sunday, October 27, 2013

A year (and 6 days) of blogging!

So the latest post I did (HALLOWEEN!) was the same day last year that I started this blog.
So to celebrate, lets lazily watch a video!:
Or if you're even lazier to not watch this video, then read the post ^-^
Even though this blog got like 700 views and 15 followers in like a year, I'm still happy that this blog can brighten and cheer the reader's day, and that is basically all I want. 
Yet there is some bad news. 
Since my youngest owner (the editor) is going to Middle School next year, she won't be able to post as often as she can, and even though she says this a million times, she apologizes if there isn't a post in 2-3 months. 
Sad? More random videos and photos?

Barking off!

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