Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Skating Obsessed

So next year, my youngest owner, also the editor of this blog, is going to this HUGE competition next year in July for skating.
It's the World ISI Team Championships.
Or I'm a simpler version… it's called Worlds.
So people from around the world all come to the U.S (if their in ISI) to compete in it.

She is in synchronized skating and figure (solo), so she will be REALLY busy around late July and early August.

Speaking of skating….
How about the Winter Olympics that's coming up next year?

Super excited, especially my youngest owner.
She is going crazy over a lot of skaters, and hoping that Ashley Wagner, this year and last year's U.S Champion:

Makes it to the Olympics, especially since she didn't make it to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver…
My owner needs to groom me now…

Barking off!

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  1. please please please keep us posted when the time comes near so we can maybe watch and definitely cheer you on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!