Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Im So sorry for not posting so much but during the weekends I will post more during the weekends if I have time okay barking off! :D

My owner just has a lot of homework so she can't help me blog and stuff so we won't be posting that much but we promise that during vacations and free time we will try to post as much as we can okay? :D You guys are awesome!

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  1. Hi Peter! Please give your owner this message: It will take alot of hard work, organization and determination to earn the amazing grades of straight F's as I did in middle school! But I think she gots what it takes!

    I admire your forward thinking and planning! I usually can't think past my next reese cup! But here is my advice----make a schedule to organize yourself and be sure to include not just study time, but relaxing time with your dog, your blog and your friends!

    Balance is key---and you can mix things too. You can blog about some of the things you are learning in school, kinda like a review for you. You can teach your dog all the fancy stuff you learn in Middle School, if your friends are as motivated as you, you can study together.

    But always leave time for fun. If you are too tired and stressed from school school school, you will not be able to remember anything, you will get burned out!

    So really, if you spend an hour studying, be sure to spend an hour relaxing, and eating reese cups!

    hope that helps! do you still want to be an architect? Can you design me a reese cup hide away?