Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Question from the Editor


I have a question about some kind of 'cliques' on school.
So last year there was this girl who came to our school, she was new.
At first she started hanging out with the unpopular kids, like me, even ate with us at lunch.
But you know how there are always those tables with the 'populars'  and 'nerds'?
Well, she started ditching the unpopular nerds like my friends and me, and started hanging out with the populars more.

She even started acting like them!
She would wear makeup everyday (I hate makeup) she would curl or straighten her hair everyday (I never do that) and she would start to flirt and spread rumors.
I'm not being mean, it's true.
I even heard that she cheated on a few tests with another person by writing the answers on her arms.

But what I'm most scared about is that she gossips about people.
Whoever passes her by (mostly and unpopular kid), she will literally talk about you… and now the good stuff.
I'm in her science class right now which means she will see me, and her 'ex-friends'… who are my friends.

And remember how I said that whoever passes her way she will gossip about that person?
I'm in her science class, she might gossip about me, and I'm extremely scared. 

Any help?
(I don't want to be popular, I just want to try to avoid her)


Barking off!


  1. this is something you can't control, it is in God's hands. Be civil and kind to her, you could even pray for her. She sounds like she is so desperate for a friend that she is willing to do whatever it takes to get them, so she is probably allowing herself to be used by the popular kids. Also, people feel powerful and superior to others when they think they know something someone else doesn't know, so they gossip. And they will even make up lies just to have that superior feeling. That means they are empty and lost inside. Please don't waste time worrying about them, keep your focus on your friends and studies and on God. I will pray for you.

    and if all else fails, give her a reese cup. it's a game changer! =)

  2. i will comment on your other question from my blog here: I am a bit confused with who is who in your question.

    First off, I am sorry that you scored a 95% on that project, it was my intention for you to get a perfect 50% That's my favorite score, because it is half and half, like a reese cup! So better luck next time ;-)

    ok--my confusion is on who are the 3 girls---are they "popular" girls or 3 of your friends? I am thinking you are saying that you and your 3 friends feel unpopular but are in an "popular" kids class and that the "popular" kids ignore you and your friend?

    But it sounds like your real issue is that a friend believes you broke a confidence and that you didn't. Sounds like she is very hurt right now bc a secret is out there and everyone knows it.

    Are the girls that laughed at you your friends? I mean, someone you thought was your friend? Bc is doesn't sound like they are a true friend and I know that hurts when you realize someone you care about doesn't feel the same.

    So I guess I am not entirely sure what is going on, except that you are hurting. I am sorry. ***hugs and gives reese cup***

    I hope you are now on Christmas break and all of this will blow over and be forgotten in the new year. Or if it is someone you want to repair damages with,maybe you could invite them over or go to a movie with them, something to allow for bonding and healing?

    1. Actually, the three girls are unpopular.. like me, and the rest of the kids are popular in my class. Me and the three girls are the only unpopular kids in the class. And the rest of the unpopular kids are in other classes. Sorry for the confusion XD