Saturday, December 14, 2013

To Tiggerkat + Formulas + More

So Tiggerkat, I told my youngest owner your message, and she just wants to say thank you for the advice.
And she still sorta wants to be an architect.. but more interested in films, if you want she can direct a film about Reese Cups! XD
But yeah, thanks for the advice! :D

If you read Tiggerkat's comment, you can basically tell what my youngest owner asked about to her, she is a really good at giving advice.
So I'm taking a break now… speaking of break…
It's almost 2014… and Winter Vacation :)

Let's see what I have accomplished this year: 

Playing dead when commanded 'BANG!' √

Barked twice and 'no' and no bark at 'yes'. x

Tried standing up at hind legs. x

Some of these things might or might have not been at the New Year's Resolution thing… but if you want to view it.. it was one of my first posts.. and here is the link (sorry if it doesn't work):

(copy & paste)

I live in New England… which is pretty much the very north east of America.. and that place is going to get like a foot of snow over the weekend.
And the sun is setting like at 4:30 pm
But seriously, I love the winter, it's really cool, and in fact, I'm going to go sledding tomorrow with my youngest owner! ^-^

I'm going off topic…

So my youngest owner is learning something like FOIL & Factorizations (Difference of two squares and Cross Multiplication Method) in Kumon.
It's pretty hard for her, so one of the instructors gave her a little book of formulas that would help me through Levels G-O, X (She's in Level I)
 She looked over it with me.
I'm a dog, I do not know all the human stuff in there, but they did look complicated here is a page from like Level J:

It's really tiny… and it's backwards..- (Stupid Photo Booth! JK lol)

and one on the highest level… X:

(May want to enlarge both of them)

Looking at it now, I'm so glad I'm not human…
I mean… walking on two legs, having to speak something we don't understand, not able to lie down comfortably, but even worse: having to go to the bathroom in your own home!

I'm so glad to be a dog, we get to go the the bathroom outside the house!
Oh wait… if I type something about how terrible is to be a human … my owner is going to take my paws of the keyhjklfgh;'

Humans are great! And it's comfortable to walk on two legs and go to the bathroom NOT in public!

Yelling off!
Barking off!
Yelling off!
Barking off!

oh just end it…

(Barking off)


  1. your youngest owner wants to be in film, she, uh, really has to know how to work a camera a little better!

    And if you need some help, the answer to the harder one with the circles? Its 6

    oh wait....that's the number of reese cups I am about to eat!

    maybe the answer is "pi" reese peanut butter pie

    Yep! I think 6 Pi is a great answer!!

    **ties on bib and prepares to eat 6 reese peanut butter pies**

  2. Here is an article of test answers your owner should NEVER give on a test (warning--there is ONE bad word--so you might want your owner's parents to look at it first)