Thursday, December 27, 2012

Whew, so many Followers!/ My Facebook Page

Well for the 2nd/3rd time today we have a new member:

Lets welcome Jane Sorgetz!

Creative profile ;D
So I learned that your from Brazil, luckily I have a translation button for the people from a different country!

Wow, I got a lot of followers today!
By the way, my youngest owner made a Facebook page for me if you want to visit, copy and paste this link:
She chose Peter then 'Golden' because I'm a Golden Retriever. 
I hope you can comment on my Facebook page and like some of the pictures my owners took of me!
Have a great night and a happy New Year!! :D

Barking off!


  1. epic! i'm not allowed on facebook----i may have to work on that! XD

  2. I'm so jealous. xD I need your fans to become my fans too! xD Lol!

    Come follow my blog people! :P:

    Sharing 'da love! xD