Monday, December 3, 2012

New Member! And my History

Surprisingly, there's a new member on this blog! Say hello to

Nice profile pick, ;D. By the way, I followed your blog, it's great! And it's so amazing about how many members you have on ya blog! :D

So anyways, I just want to tell you about my history. I'm a European cream-colored Golden Retriever who was born from a father from Scotland named Stuart and a mother for Denmark named Emma. I apologize that I can't get a photo, it just won't let me, but I will describe how they look like.
Emma and Stuart both have a light, creamy golden color fur with dark caramel color ears. 
My Aunt, Tess, had given birth to a celebrity Golden Retriever named Scout. 


This was her when she was very young, now she's at least 3 years old! Anyways, she's a celebrity because her owner wrote a book my youngest master loves, The Puppy Diaries plus this author, Jill Abramson, is the executive editor of the New York Times, or was it the Times magazines?...  So yup, that is my only celebrity kin I have. My great grandma Sophie had died of a stroke and the old age of 14 (in my years, it would be at least 98 years old). My Aunt Tess, the mother of Scout, had died of eating a sock that couldn't get pulled out. 
So yup, that's my history! Thanks covnitkepr1 for following my blog!

Barking off!


  1. Thanks for the info. Not allowed to have pets in our home...wife says "I'm the only animal she'll allow past the front door."LOL

    Really, we travel a lot so it wouldn't be fair to have another dog.

    1. Cool, I love to travel, but now since we have the dog it's more complicated XD