Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Training/New Year Resolutions

Since I'm trained to be a Therapy dog, my youngest owner has been training me to sit, stay, down and come. I already know how to sit and go down, the stay, I'm still learning and mastering it already. 
And my youngest owner's parent wanted to take a picture of me with my head tilted up, so here's the picture, it was took at Christmas :D:

I was coaxed by a pice of string cheese. Yes, dogs can eat cheese but not the other dairy products.

I look different in this picture... I look younger!(I'm 13 months old though). 

I'm going off topic, so back to the Therapy dog trainings. 
As I said, I'm currently mastering the sit and stay/down and stay. Pretty soon, I'm going to learn how to (What my youngest owner calls) 'Paw' five and 'Paw' Shake. 
Really it means that I'm going to high-five and shake paws with my owner. :D
A few more things I will have to be trained to do is also:

• Roll-over

•Retrieve (I'm a Golden Retriever, this must be easy!)

•Bark twice at no

•Bark once at yes

•Watch TV (I do sometimes, but not all the time)

•Not jumping on the bed (Nice choice)

•Not to pull on the leash

•To heel and stay by owner's side


I think that's it. :)

So it's at least 1-2 more days until it's 2013! I'm very excited, plus it's going to be the year when I'm turning 2, in dog years it would mean I'm almost a young adult! :D
I have a lot of things I'm looking forward too, and I want to meet my breeder sometime during the summer. 
I have at least a few New Year Resolutions....

• Try not to sleep too much (Im just lazy)

•Not to bark at the neighbor's dog when they bully me

•Get more quiet and calmer

•Start the Therapy Dog reputation!

My resolutions are going to be pretty hard for me...
I would just like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
And... wow... my longest post...
As I always say:

Barking off!

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